Technological development

Traceability of engineering information could be viewed as one quality criterion of a product development environment with the main goal being to ensure that engineering information is clearly linked to its background, origins, rationale and sources during its development. By providing a technology for tracing the development of the engineering information, a means will be provided for making the product and processes during product life fully traceable. The foundation for this is a means by which the engineering information can be linked in a complete, correct, consistent and error free manner. Traceability technology will provide a ‘context’ by which the engineering information can be better interpreted. The details of the ‘context’ will be explored in a TRENIN project from two different viewpoints.

TRENIN Technological development

The first is the context of capturing engineering information including the recording and explanation of the conditions around product development activities. To provide architecture for authoring, producing, and delivering engineering information, possibilities for implementation of the open standards in product development process will be explored.

The second is the context of using recorded engineering information trace that includes providing a basis for identification and understanding of the captured engineering information. In order to develope efficient technology for "engineering content intelligence", possibilities for adopting the different technologies for the representation and interchange of knowledge, with an emphasis on the findability of information will be explored. It is intended by the project partners that different standards will be adopted for the formal representation, exchange and manipulation of the engineering information evolution traceability model, process and scenarios in particular industrial partners' environments.