TPV, Slovenia


TPV d.d. is one of the most propulsive Slovenian companies operating in a global market which has in recent years changed from a stable manufacturing company into a development supplier in the automotive industry. Its core business is a manufacturing of car seats and related components. The company also produces some other components intended for the automotive industry and on customer request it also provides the cataphoresis coating of the components.

TPV as a development supplier in the automotive industry provides complete solutions – from product and process design to serial production. TPV has the skills and knowledge to develop products form the concept phase to the final production definition. Development of product and process consists of analysis, virtual development, realization of prototypes, and validation of product and process definition and testing. Analyses comprise analysis of product’s list of requirements, analysis of its own records and data, competitors solutions and research results and analysis of legislation, regulations and guidelines (ECE, EuroNCAP, ISO/TS16949:2002, ISO 14001).

Product development taps into the pool of talent of development engineers, ongoing exchange of information and knowledge with customers, and ability to exceed customer expectations. This offers TPV to have a larger possibility of design creativity and basing on their own ideas, to be able to help more efficiently their clients and to make a more competitive products. In recent years, TPV has paid special attention to develop its own know-how and innovations. It invests a lot in high-level executives, in development and new technologies and encourages innovation among employees. Moreover, TPV also cooperates with several educational and research institutions.

Within the project TPV will act mainly as an industrial partner providing experts in the area of product design and manufacturing. These experts will cooperate with other participants in a mutual way. The main technological contribution of TPV experts will be to describe into details the design, development and manufacture process, work-flows, documents, interactions and relations. TPV experts will cooperate in a study to find out how to increase engineers' time for creative engineering activities and how to decrease their time spent on administration, communication, waiting for approval, decisions and information. They will cooperate in development of new methods and tools for supporting the traceability of engineering design information. They will also cooperate in the development of environment where the traceability methods and tools can be made operational and effective.