About TRENIN project 2009-2011

The engineering information has a central role in product development: it describes and documents the constitution and behavior of the product; it drives the product development process and is the object of verification and validation procedures. With the current emphasis being on companies to supply products and provide support services throughout the product lifetime, the realisation is that the engineering information being lost can aid in both the product life cycle support and also the development of new products.

Image from Calistobreeze via Flickr. CC

The stakeholders with different roles in product development process would like to leverage all relevant information no matter where it originated, no matter what its format, and no matter where it resides in order to help their organization innovate, compete, provide service and grow. In order to understand and reuse existing engineering information along meaning, reasons, arguments, documentations, choices, critique, consequences etc. engineers need to be able to trace engineering information evolution. To support these activities, new and advanced engineering information traceability methods, models and tools are required, which allow the engineering information evolution to be traced into the future.

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